Coaching Requests

I recommend you to take a first look into the field of knowledge called “the inside-out understanding of the human experience” (most commonly referred to as The Three Principles) before sending a coaching request.

A few key ideas are available in a post on my blog and in Michael Neill’s TEDxBend talk. His book The Inside-Out Revolution provides with deeper insights into the paradigm which is the foundation of our coaching conversations.

We start with an introductory session which gives us opportunity to get to know each other and understand if working with me is a great fit for you at this moment of your life. The session takes at least one hour, and I strongly recommend to reserve two hours in your schedule to allow yourself to have some extra mental space.

To schedule a session, get in touch with me on Facebook or by using the contact form on my blog.

Regular coaching sessions are one hour in length, and take place either weekly or bi-weekly in person, over Skype or FaceTime. Again, I recommend reserving an extra hour after the session if possible, to allow for some additional mental space. This time can also be used to immediately take action on opportunities you start seeing during the session.

I offer my services on Pay What You Want model (PWYW) in three-session packages: you choose the price which will help you to pay attention, be focused and apply what you learn in the session. It is also the price you are comfortable with paying: both affordable and fair for compensating my services. General rule: sessions cannot be free and cannot be exchanged for other services.

PWYW is an agreement-based model. At the end of the introductory session, we fix the rate for the next three sessions, which is prepaid at once at latest one day before the first regular session (absence of the payment confirmation one day before a confirmed session = canceling the agreement). After each three sessions, we assess your progress and re-negotiate the agreement.

If you need more information, feel free to ask any questions on Facebook or by using the contact form on my blog.